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Are you struggling to keep up with all the
crucial data you have to manage?

Does it take you or your staff days to
compile the reports you need?

Make sure that the right people have all the right information—and that they can access it easily and quickly.

You will find using SQL reports to manage data in business brings immediate benefits in efficiency and data accuracy. Information is easily available at the click of a mouse or by automated email reports each morning. This automation will mean necessary corrections can be made daily if necessary improving accuracy for all areas of your business.

Need some help? I can set up the complex environment that supports your databases and I can be available for any assistance.

Database Administration

Assistance with backup processes and other Administration tasks


Databases form a vital aspect of all business today and this is becoming increasingly more so. Accessing this data can initially be challenging.

Microsoft Azure

Assistance with migrating databases to the Cloud

What I do

I work with businesses to improve their processes through SQL reporting. I also handle the technical side of things so that businesses can focus on using the reports to improve business efficiency and accuracy of data.

Who I work with

IT managers, system administrators, and those managers who are responsible for a database but have not necessarily been trained as a DBA (database administrator). I can set up reporting systems and assist you in maintaining them yourself.


MYOB comes with its own reporting however many find these reports inflexible, difficult to use and usually only accessible by the MYOB Administrator. With the assistance of the free version of Microsoft SQL Express reports can be totally customised and accessible by any staff member with or without the MYOB application. Reports can also be automatically emailed to Managers or staff each day if necessary. What's required?

MYOB uses a legacy database called C-Tree which unfortunately is not accessible. This data can however be accessed by:

1. Exporting the data to a text file or Excel.
2. Connecting directly to the database using Microsoft SQL linked server.


About Me

I love flying—I’ve held a pilot’s licence since 1974. I also love BMW motorcycles. I currently own a classic 1975 R90S and a newer 2013 R1200RT.

After I finished school, I joined the air force and studied electronics, then worked on the F111s at Amberley for a number of years. After leaving the air force, I became a senior engineer, working on mainframes with the second largest computer company in the world (after IBM). Because of my passion for databases, I started providing my own clients with computer and database solutions in Microsoft Access and SQL 7.0.